Frequently Asked Questions.



Where is Nest & Rest?

Nest & Rest is a lodge that is located in number 8 Pollak Park, Ceres Road in Palm Springs.


How do I go to Nest & Rest?

Should you be driving, please make use of the directions we provide on the website or you can use your car GPS to direct you this lovely peaceful sanctuary


What standard of food can I expect on Nest & Rest?
The standard of food is generally very high; we have qualified chefs on hand. We provide you with three meals every day and all depends on the course you want on that day. At nest and rest, security? we cater for any dietary requirements but will advise our clients to give us prior notice so that we can arrange the specific dietary.


Does Nest & Rest has Security?
Nest and Rest Guest house has the state of the art security with monitored guest access and exit. We have a 24 hour manned gatehouse right next to our entrance; you can be rest assured that your vehicle is safe on our premises. The guesthouse also boasts 24 hours on-site security, all vehicles are parked within the walled, and razor wire fenced off the property. The property is also, linked to an armed response company and access to the guesthouse is via an electronically controlled gate. Security control access to the property from a guard station. This is to give our clients the best-secured stay 


What type of payment do you accept?
At Nest and Rest, payment is expected at the time of check-in and can be in the form of major credit/debit cards, cash, and we do not accept personal checks.


Will I be able to get cellular or WIFI connection at the lodge?
Certain local network carriers do work in the area. Limited wifi is available in the main lodge areas. Plan to only answer urgent emails and post some pictures on your social media, as trying to stream videos will only leave you frustrated.


What do you cater for?
We cater for conferences, weddings & parties etc.


Is there shopping and restaurants in the area of Nest and Rest Lodge?
As previously mentioned Nest and Rest Lodge is located in a neighborhood with shops which can be found in all residential areas such as: Grocery Stores, Fruit Stands, Tobacco Shops, Health Food Stores, Clothing Stores, malls Almost all items can be purchased in the area for any last minute needs. There are numerous restaurants and bars near our proximity. We, also offers various dinners and will be glad to make you a home cooked meal if you so desire during your stay in our safe heaven.

Nest and Rest Guesthouse | Springs

Big Rooms


50 sq

Flat screen TV with DSTV | Free Wi-Fi | Shower & toilet in every room | Chair | Wardrobe | Swimming pool | Free tea & Coffee


Nest and Rest Guesthouse | Springs

Double Room


27 sq

Flat screen TV with DSTV | Free Wi-Fi | Shower & toilet in every room | Chair | Wardrobe | Swimming pool | Free tea & Coffee.