Terms and Conditions

In order to ensure the smooth running of Nest and Rest lodge and to ensure enjoyment by all our guests, rules are applicable to your stay. We would like to inform you of the following conditions of stay at Nest and Rest Lodge. Also, the person who makes the reservation and/or receives/read these conditions agrees to inform all the members of his/her group of the conditions and accepts the responsibility to ensure that all the members conform to the stipulations thereof. These terms and conditions are in any event applicable to anybody entering the resort property. Note that these terms & conditions were accepted by you when the booking was made and forms the basis of our contract.

Our Method of Booking

You must complete a booking form in writing, alternatively if booking is through the Internet, all fields must be completed, and in both cases you must accept on behalf of all your party the terms and conditions contained in this booking form. All persons named on the booking form shall be referred to as guests. If the booking is made through an agent, all communication from Nest and Rest will be addressed to the agent who acts as an agent for the guests in respect of all communication from our corporation to the guest. You must pay a deposit of 50% per person of the total of your fare, which will only be refunded should Nest and Rest lodge not be able to accommodate the guests on the requested accommodation. The contract will only come into existence once the above has been done and Nest and Rest lodge has signed the acceptance on the guests booking form, alternatively has accepted the guests booking form via the internet, by emailing such acceptance to the guest.

Prices and Adjustments

Before accepting a booking, Nest and Rest lodge reserves the right to alter published prices. After confirming a booking, Nest and Rest lodge will only alter prices to take into account factors beyond it’s control, including exchange rates, surcharges, changes to transportation and accommodation costs


The full amount of the accommodation fare due by the guest to Nest and Rest lodge must be paid by no later than the specified date, otherwise Nest and Rest lodge may treat the booking as being cancelled by the guest.

Cancellations by the Guests

Cancellation of a booking must be made in writing by the person submitting the booking form and will only take effect once such cancellation has been received by Nest and Rest lodge. If the cancellation is received 60 (sixty) days or less prior to arrival, the abovementioned deposit will be forfeited.

Right of admission is reserved.

Any person, who misbehaves himself/herself to the judgment of the management or any of staff members of Nest and Rest lodge, has to leave the premises on request. Admission / accommodation fees will not be refunded.

Cancellation by Nest and Rest Lodge

Nest and Rest lodge the right in any circumstances to cancel accommodation booking. In instances where Nest and Rest lodge cannot provide the accommodation booked, Nest and Rest lodge will return to the guest all monies paid, which shall constitute the full extent of Nest and Rest lodge liability to the guest, or Nest and Rest lodge may offer the guest an alternative holiday of comparable standard.

Alteration to Itineraries

Although every effort will be made to adhere to itineraries, Nest and Rest lodge reserves the right to change accommodation if this is brought about by changing conditions. Should a major change become necessary, notification of such alterations will be sent to the guests or their agents or to the guests last known address as soon as Nest and Rest lodge becomes aware of such changes. Nest and Rest lodge reserves the right to alter itineraries after arrival if it is in the guest's interest to do so. Nest and Rest lodge will not be responsible for any compensation to the guest, if Nest and Rest lodge is forced to cancel or in any way change the accommodation due to force majeure, namely war, riots, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activities, natural disasters, fire, adverse weather conditions or other external circumstances beyond Nest and Rest lodge control.

Alterations to Booking Conditions

No employee or representative of Nest and Rest lodge has any right to alter, vary or waive any of these conditions, nor to undertake any liability on behalf of Nest and Rest lodge unless such is in writing and signed by a member of the Corporation

Authority on Booking

The decision of a manager on any booking will be final on all matters likely to endanger the safety of the group. Nest and Rest lodge shall not be responsible for or liable to any guest who commits an illegal and unlawful act in any country visited. Such guest may be excluded from the booking without any refund of the accommodation fare. If Nest and Rest lodge considers a guest unsuitable for accommodation, it may in its absolute discretion cancel such guests booking or decline to accommodate the guest further if that guest causes inconvenience or annoyance to other guests, without any liability to the guest whatsoever.


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